100 best Typefaces of all times

100 best typefaces of all time

I was searching for a modern version of Imprimerie Royale, the imperial typeface of the french monarchy in the 1600’s, and I came upon this list of the the 100 best Typefaces of all time. If you are looking for more high quality fonts to use in an upcoming project this Is a pretty good representation of the best typefaces around. FontShop compiled its best selling fonts of all time and ranked them, keeping in mind the historical significance and aesthetic quality of each typeface. Helvetica, Garamond, Frutiger and Bodoni all make the cut, but the best part of the page (for me) is that there is a history of each typeface, and an example that shows up once you click on it. I only wish that they would have displayed each typeface in its own font instead of using such a heavy display type like Aptifer Slab Pro Bold.


Source: 100 best Typefaces of all times

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