The Phrontistry – Colorful verbiage and obscure color terms

The Phrontistry has this great list of rare and obscure color terms. Some are quite common, such as khaki, magenta, maroon and indigo. Others are far from ordinary. You may have heard that there is a fight on the internet in regards to the color magenta, more on that later.  Did you know the color magenta was named […]

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Terms in Type for Typographic Trainees

If you are looking to learn more about typographic terminology or if you are a typical typo-file, take a look at Type Terms.  Type Terms is cheat sheet for designers to learn the basics of typographic terminology.  They cover the anatomy of typography from tittle to terminal to tail, and everything in between.

If you are new to typography or here to refresh your memory, then Type Terms is perfect for you. (via

Type Terms. The animated typographic cheat sheet.

Source: Type Terms

Converting colors with is my go to tool when I open clients files, that need colors converted to cmyk. There are many different ways that our digital files store color, different color spaces (like Adobe RGB, sRGB, CMYK, or CIE L*a*b) and even spot colors like Pantone, or RAL. As most customers want a four color CMYK print instead of the costlier […]

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Epic Favicon Generator | 20+ Favicon Sizes!

Wikipedia’s favicon displayed by
an older version of Firefox

A favicon is the little icon you see next to the web address for a site in your browser bar. Back in 1999 when they were introduced, by Internet Explorer 5, favicons were a mere 16 x 16 pixel picture that had to be in the .ico format.

Today, the big five (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and IE) all support favicons, and the files can be .ico, png, gif, or even .jpg (except in IE).  The sizes are also much more varied, depending on the way you view the internet (desctop, mobile,  tablet). It seems like each series of devices is looking for a different sized file. A simple solution to adding multiple favicon sizes to your page is The Epic Favicon Generator by Unbox. Upload a file and this generator converts it into any numberer of different sizes depending on what you need. This favicon generator also writes the code that you put in your html header to display the images. All you need to do is copy and paste the code and upload the images it creates to your server.

The Epic Favicon Generator offers 20+ favicon sizes and is free! Check it out!

Source: Epic Favicon Generator | 20+ Favicon Sizes!

Coverr – Beautiful, free videos for your homepage

If you have been thinking about using a hero video for your site, has a great selection of public domain videos that are free to use for personal and commercial projects. The videos that re on Coverr are simple shots of things like blurry traffic scenes, nature shots and keys typing. They are on short loops, so they bring some motion but won’t distract too much from your content. As of today there are more than a hundred videos with new ones released every Monday.

Beautiful, free videos for your homepage background

Source: Coverr – Beautiful, free videos for your homepage

Typekit Practice – sharpen your typographic skill set with Adobe Typekit

Adobe Typekit

Typekit Practice is a  website from Adobe to help users hone their typography skill set. It has featured lessons to help users understand different applications for typography. It features a library of recommended books as well as featured lessons about different topics.

The site is designed to be helpful for everyone from students to experts and it will help you up your typography game. If you are a typographer or a designer you can always use more Typekit Practice.