The Phrontistry – Colorful verbiage and obscure color terms

The Phrontistry has this great list of rare and obscure color terms. Some are quite common, such as khaki, magenta, maroon and indigo. Others are far from ordinary. You may have heard that there is a fight on the internet in regards to the color magenta, more on that later.  Did you know the color magenta was named […]

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The Old Picture Internet Site

The Old Picture internet site is home to a wonderful collection of historical photographs. Their collection spans the years from 1850 to 1940. These pictures include images from across the globe, and show in detail a unique chronological slice of our shared history.

Mostly black and white pictures

The photos are organized by year, or by a wide variety of subjects. There are photos of everything from Souix Chiefs to steel workers.
three Souix Chiefs

women martching with banners

a sailor on a German U-boat picture

steel worker picture

man in a buffalo head dress picture

the press room at the Herald

suspended photographer

Alaskan Glacier

Digital Bodleian

rhinoceros or unicorn

The Bodleian library has brought together their numerous collections int one online catalog, and has standardized the metadata so all the collections may be searched simultaneously. To digitize this repository they have  scanned over 25,314 metres, (or meters to a Yankee like myself)  of archives and manuscripts. All of the 11,000,000+ printed pages of illustration, maps and manuscripts are available online in all of […]

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