Converting colors with is my go to tool when I open clients files, that need colors converted to cmyk.

There are many different ways that our digital files store color, different color spaces (like Adobe RGB, sRGB, CMYK, or CIE L*a*b) and even spot colors like Pantone, or RAL. As most customers want a four color CMYK print instead of the costlier spot color print, output I am most often interested in is standard CMYK. This is where comes in as a color converting tool.

rgb-to, Pantone coated 2276c, greeneryCheck it out in real life on the internet –

For this example I wanted to use Pantone’s color of the year – Greenery 15-0343. Unfortunately the color of the year is a fabric color so its not in my solid coated swatch-book. I used Pantone’s color conversion tool ( to find the solid coated alternative, PMS 2276c. The Pantone color converter is great but it only converts one Pantone color to another pantone color so it isn’t going to be much help if we are going to be printing the files as CMYK. Once we have the coated version of the swatch we can use to convert it.

With converting the color is easy, all you need to do is type the color code (wether it is RGB, CMYK, HSL, HSB or Hex) and the code does the rest. The site, by front end developer Carlos Cabo is pretty well thought out. Once the color is converted all you need to do is click on the label and the values are automatically copied to your clipboard.

This site also contains color libraries for HTML, RAL, and Pantone books, although Pantone colors always look different on screen these can give you a ballpark of what they are gonna look like.

Hopefully this site is helpful for all you designers out there. I go there every time i need to convert some colors to make my files print ready. Cheers and Happy designing.

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