High Art Billboard Project: 2017 – 2018

Brilliant color moon

My High Art Billboard Project piece is finally up and installed, 30 feet above the city! It looks fantastic.

Check it out at 6320 38th Street (50 ft. west of High School Road  behind the Dairy Queen).
Fairway and the Indianapolis Arts Council did a wonderful job with printing all the billboards. I have seen three of them so far. When you are out and about in Indianapolis, keep your eyes peeled.
Here is the installers photo… but I hope the get a stunning one later.
The billboard will be up for a year, but the location may change.

Terms in Type for Typographic Trainees

If you are looking to learn more about typographic terminology or if you are a typical typo-file, take a look at Type Terms.  Type Terms is cheat sheet for designers to learn the basics of typographic terminology.  They cover the anatomy of typography from tittle to terminal to tail, and everything in between.

If you are new to typography or here to refresh your memory, then Type Terms is perfect for you. (via Supremo.tv).

Type Terms. The animated typographic cheat sheet.

Source: Type Terms

WBAA T-Shirt Contest Winner & Details | WBAA

My entry for WBAA Radio won the contest yesterday.  I would like to thank everyone who participated, those who voted in the contest, WBAA and the other artists. I especially want to thank those of you who voted for my design, it means a lot to me.

As for as my art, the illustration is based on an old style microphone and the type is based on Neutra Display Tiling. (Neutraface font family is from House Industries, an awesome foundry that also makes Bicycles).

WBAA.org screenshot featuring my microphone design

Announcing the T-Shirt Contest Winner:  Brishan Vanderkulk. There were ten submissions and the favorite design choice was by Brishan Vanderkulk.  His design:  a large microphone with text, “Public Radio since 1922.”  The WBAA T-Shirt will be printed by University Bookstore & will be available next month during the member drive. Thank you to ALL the artist who sent their designs: Jeff Boswell, Mike Byers, Conlon Casey, Susan & Bill Crossley, Gerberg Garmann, Wendy Hynes, James McCammock, Sharda Shasty, & Joseph Uhl.

Source: WBAA T-Shirt Contest Winner & Details | WBAA

This shirt will be available exclusively as a 2017 member drive thank you gift. The drive runs September 8 – 15.

Design Games

If you want to hone your skills in regards to curves, colors, code or kerning; Games for Designers has a great collection of creative games, all centered around the design  process. The website features a masonry style layout like pinterest, but instead of pins, the columns are full of games. Some of the games are cheesy for sure, but others are quite fun, and a few of them I use when trying to hone my skills or just kill some time. The site is an active repository so they are still adding new games, and if you have one you can submit it via email at the bottom of the page.

A personal favorite of mine is Blendoku (like sudoku but for colors, kind of).

Creative games for creative designers

The site is in french (the screenshot above is a Google translation), but all of the games I played were in english.

High Art Billboard Project

High Art Billboard Project

I received some fantastic news on Friday and wanted to share.

In June I submitted art for an annual public art project in Indianapolis. The High Art Project Prints ten works of art on billboards and displays them on a rotational basis throughout Marion and the surrounding counties. It is sponsored by the Arts Council of Indianapolis and Fairway Outdoor . For more information go to High Art Billboard Project 


Yesterday I received notice that one of my entries has been accepted for the 2017-18 series! I received the acceptance letter at 5pm on Friday, so I’m not sure which of my works got in or where it will be installed first, but I will add pertinent information as it becomes available.

High Art Billboard Project | Arts Council of Indianapolis

WBAA T-Shirt Design Challenge

Recently one of my designs was selected for voting in the WBAA 2017 Tee Shirt contest!

Per the WBAA page, so head on over and give me a vote!

For my entry, I went with a historical approach, I used Neutra Display Titling for the font because it had a 1920s feel, and stuck with a black and white and red color scheme.

  • Voting will run:   July 24th – August 10th (deadline 5pm).
  • Voting takes place by email or phone – one vote per person.
  • Winning design will be announced on Friday, August 11th (broadcast and online).

WBAA 2017 Contest entry

Source: WBAA TShirt Design Contest | Create Your Own Contests at ShortStack.com


Space card screen print

Throwback Thursday – Space card edition.4 color poster

Heres a poster design I mocked up in the cold end of  2016. I originally drew the moon and astronaut illustrations a few years ago.  I thought they went together quite nicely, and I hadn’t used them for anything, so I scanned ’em in to the old electro-computer-magic-machine-o-macajiggy, brought them together and added the colors. Turquoise,  navy,  gray and yellow on white. I was originally planning on printing these as a 4 color screen print on white paper, but I’m thinking now that if I can find some nice gray stock I would leave out the white and just print the navy, turquoise and yellow and do a run of 30 or so.