Typekit Practice – sharpen your typographic skill set with Adobe Typekit

Adobe Typekit

Typekit Practice is a  website from Adobe to help users hone their typography skill set. It has featured lessons to help users understand different applications for typography. It features a library of recommended books as well as featured lessons about different topics.

The site is designed to be helpful for everyone from students to experts and it will help you up your typography game. If you are a typographer or a designer you can always use more Typekit Practice.

Typeset.js – an HTML pre-processor for web typography

typeset.js-300x2761Remember when people read books?  This Javascript application by David Merfield makes your boring web typography look like a finely laid out manuscript.

before Typeset.js
before typeset

after Ttpeset.jsafter typeset

The differences don’t jump out right away, but dosen’t that hanging punctuation look nice? What about those quotations?

The code is available now on GitHub.

Source: Typeset.js – an HTML pre-processor for web typography